Almost every time I touch a doorknob or shake a persons hand or others I get a shock. Why?

Answer Pat yourself on the back, buddy, you must have an ELECTRIC personality is all I can say....... ;)It's probably that you are more prone to holding onto naturally occurring static electricity than m... Read More »

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Why Do You Get Shocked When You Touch the Doorknob?

It's a situation that is all too familiar: Someone walks across a carpeted room, touches the doorknob, then zap, that person feels a sudden shock. It's not an intense feeling. In fact, the shock is... Read More »

How to Shake Somebody's Hand?

Shaking hands is useful in many different situations. Whether you need to introduce yourself or casually greet old friends, this is perfect.

When i touch my hand to the radio antina the voice becomes clear n when i remove my hand its a bit unclear ..?

That's normal. Your body is acting as an antenna making the signal stronger.

Can a Muslim woman shake a man's hand?

On One Hand: The Koran Restricts Physical ContactAccording to the Koran, physical contact of any sort between women and men who are not mahram is prohibited. A mahram relationship is one between a ... Read More »