Almost 18 and STILL not allowed to have a Facebook?

Answer What are their arguments? What is their major concern? You can't convince them of anything until you understand where they are coming from.Parents want to protect their kids... but at some point, y... Read More »

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Im not allowed to have a facebook...HELP!?

1) Sit your parents down to discuss this issue in a calm and relaxed way. Tell them that you would really appreciate the opportunity to explain why you think you should be allowed to have such an a... Read More »

Should Parents Be Allowed to Have Facebook?

If you're that bothered then you can add her to your Limited Profile section, that way she can't comment on your status etc &can only see certain things. You need to tweak your privacy settings if ... Read More »

Do you think/wish that Facebook allowed users to track who viewed their profile?

yes and no. sometimes I want to see who's looked at my profile, but sometimes I'll look at someone's profile just to look at a picture or something but I don't necessarily want them to see that.

How can I delete e-mails on gmail and how can I change my facebook settings so facebook dosen't e-mail me?

Using the same tab ou use to log out, go to account settings. Over to the left of the screen, there is a link called notifications. You can click that and uncheck what you don't want them to send y... Read More »