Allergy-Free Dog Foods?

Answer Food allergies in dogs result from an immune-system overreaction to a usually inoffensive protein or grain source, according to the Modern Dog Magazine website. A long-term diet of specific meats, ... Read More »

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How to Find Foods You Like When You Have an Allergy to Certain Foods?

Do you have an allergy to a certain food? If so, your not alone. If you are lactose intolerant a.k.a. allergic to any dairy, it totally stinks! But here are some steps to help you eat what you want... Read More »

What kind of foods should you avoid if you have a shellfish allergy?

Shellfish and fish allergy: dishes to look out for Dishes to look out for include paella, bouillabaisse, gumbo (a Tex Mex dish), frito misto (a mixed fried fish dish from the Mediterranean coast), ... Read More »

How to Create an Allergy Free Garden?

If you are among the many individuals who suffer from allergies, then you may have given up hope of planting a garden. Even if you don't suffer from allergies personally, your neighbors might. Crea... Read More »

How to Buy Milk Allergy Free Chocolate?

In a world full of chocolate lovers, many people with milk allergies may find it hard to satisfy their sweet tooth. This article gives tips on where to find milk-free chocolate.