Allergies to Dog Saliva?

Answer According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, for every 10 people there are four pets. This means people with pet allergies may have a hard time staying clear from cats and dogs. Indiv... Read More »

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Does saliva help a cut.?

This is a tricky question as saliva it's self is an antibacterial, that's why cats and animals lick their wounds. However if one person bites someone else than your saliva works as lets a poison, h... Read More »

Can saliva spread HIV?

Although testing has found HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, in low quantities in the saliva of AIDS patients, there are no recorded cases of HIV transmission through saliva. HIV is most common... Read More »

Do cousins have the same saliva?

Not based on real research but only logic and reason it is unlikely that cousins would have identical saliva. They may be similar, but they do have different DNA and different genetics. Each person... Read More »

Can you die from swallowing your own saliva?

Yea, your friend might die. Do everything in your power to help them.