All tv inputs are scrambled, cant hook up wii console.?

Answer The only port or input that should be on hd is the one the u-verse is connected to. Go into your tv menu and you have to go to each input and disable hdmi unless you have an hdmi cable connected to... Read More »

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Where are the inputs on a TV?

usually on the side or at the back depending on what type of tv it is

How to Connect 2 RCA Inputs Together on a Car Amp?

Connecting two RCA (Radio Corporation of America) audio inputs together is a task commonly undertaken in car stereo installations that are made after you've purchased the car. Many amplifiers, espe... Read More »

What laptops have hdmi inputs?

No laptops have built-in HDMI inputs. The HDMI connector on most good laptops is an output, to allow you to connect to a external monitor, projector or TV screen.

When I plug NEW Dvr into surround, all inputs hum.?

This is a Cable system DVR - right?The CATV coax outside your house is run along the same power poles as the AC power wires. Long runs in parallel - the coax shield will fill up with more and more... Read More »