All the food my family buys is very bad for me. I can't do anything about it! Help?

Answer Yikes, what a dilemma. Sounds like you're the ONLY smart one in that whole family. If I were you, I'd apply to Dept of Human Services (welfare) for food stamps. Hopefully, then you/they could bu... Read More »

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BK Family food game question : Name a food you might add hot sauce too. A) Chicken/wings B) Tacos C) Eggs?

Name something people do before they eat family food?

wash their hands , and sit down . i don't think most families say grace unless its for a holiday dinner and guests are over

Family won't buy vegan food?

What can you do? You have three choices:1) If you under the age of 16, child protective services would help you; you parents are not allowed to deprive you of food just because you are vegan.2) If... Read More »

TH Family: OMFG.....they like my favorite food too!?

ive tried animal fries when i went to LA and theyre pretty yummi!! I have like 5 fave foods..............pasteles (a puertorican dish), cabbage casserole stuffed with beef and covered in cheese and... Read More »