All of a sudden my twitter timeline has disappeared?

Answer Twitter knows about it and is working on it . Check out their post .!/Support

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I worked on a message on facebook for an hour because a friend needed me. Then all of a sudden it disappeared?

Try to go back in your browser if it's fresh situation.Your connection just timed out.In such cases, before sending your message copy&paste it to some notepad.

Twitter Q: Why have some of my Tweets disappeared from my home page?

Im having same problem and theres about 600 people on the help section, on twitter under the knwon issues, hope they put our tweets back on the timeline! :( it would suck if we lost them forever.

Twitter timeline is blank?

Me too. My guess is that twitter is having a service outage. I've tried refreshing, logging out and back in, and switching to https. No good. I'm following lots of people too, and if I go view thei... Read More »

My twitter timeline won't work?