All my photos are gone , what should I do?

Answer if these photos are really important for you,you should use a professional photo recovery software. Wondershare Photo Recovery is a professional software. It has deep scan function to recover pho... Read More »

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You have android 1.5 and had photo hide and after it hid your photos the app would force close and pics are gone how can you get them back?

Canon power shot A 40 digital camera I have put photos from my camera onto the computer monitor but how do I put the photos onto a disk and what type of disk should I use?

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What should you do if iv gone to child services but they cant or wont help?

they dontt.. trust me i have tryedd many times both of my parentss were and still are abusive acholics and itsss hard i raised my younger brother preaty much all by my selff. my advicee is to set a... Read More »

What precaution one should take when one had gone through breast cancer ...........?

Take proper Treatment like Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy & regular medicine as well as surgery if needed.After cure, patient must be punctual in taking medicine, and regular check ups. Initially ... Read More »