All in one printer Vs. Scanner (Neatdesk)?

Answer All in one $40-$50...neatscan $200.00....kinda answers itself

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How do I connect my NeatDesk scanner to my Airport express to use it wirelessly?

try uninstalling and reinstalling it will probably work

I just bought a canon MG2100 printer/scanner and the scanner keeps giveing me an error!?

1 go to device manager and see if the driver installed if not you might have to uninstall then reinstal the dvd if you see the driver then go to control then printers and devices and look for a ic... Read More »

Why is the scanner not working I have an HP PC and an HP printer/scanner.?

You need to also install the scanner driver. Your computer sees them as separate devices, it doesn't care that it's a printer scanner.

All in one printer and scanner, can't figure out the scanner?

HeyWhat you need to need is to open up the scanner software that came with the HP. I believe it is called HP Photo software. That will automatically load the driver and allow you to scan.