All girls (: how many coach purses do u own?

Answer One, but I am getting another for school.

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Who makes Coach purses?

Coach purses are made by Coach Inc., a leather goods company founded in 1941. However, the purses that are now arguably the company's signature product were not introduced until 1960.Source:Coach: ... Read More »

Where are Coach purses manufactured?

Coach purses are manufactured in both China and Turkey. When Coach was first founded in 1941, the purses were manufactured in the United States. However, production moved overseas in the 1990s as t... Read More »

Who is the designer of Coach purses?

While Coach does not mention any current designers on its website, it does credit Bonnie Cashin with inspiring many of its bold, contemporary designs. Cashin designed during the 1950s and 1960s and... Read More »

Do Coach purses have a bullseye?

When Coach handbags are retired by the retail store and transferred to the outlet, they are stamped with a bullseye near the serial number. However, individual bags sometimes are missed, so a bag w... Read More »