All electronic technicians out there, what is going on with my TV?

Answer its not the tv. i can tell you that. you have ruled out all connections thats good. to me its seems to be the black box as you called it. if it is illegal then there is no gaurantee how good of qua... Read More »

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Are there any disadvantages with going with a camcorder that records directly to an SD memory card?

The First Disadvantage is price. SD and SDHC memory cards can cost $50 or more for an 8gb and larger card depending on where you purchase them. The SDHC card is based on the same technology as SD... Read More »

Is there going to be a series 2 BBC Come Fly with you?

There is a 50% chance that there will be a come fly with me series 2 according to wikipedia. Although, the narrator said on the last episode that it's our final look at life in the airport.

There is somebody going around with the post, "Cancer is Fun!", do you think it is?

The simple answer is NO cancer is not fun ~ I had breast cancer 6 years ago and would not describe it as fun ~ All I can say is please do not take to heart the ravings a a very nasty person who has... Read More »

Hi.I`m going to GENEVA SWITZERLAND on New Year....I`m going to stay 3 days there....?

The answer is a simple NO. You do the ever same calculation mistake: Travelling to a destination and coming back from it usually takes at least half a day. The rest is the other half...