All-Natural, Light-Reflecting Makeup for Women Over 40?

Answer If you're a woman who's 40 years old or older, you may be looking to change your skin-care regimen to keep the healthy skin you've had since your youth. As women age, they need to keep their skin h... Read More »

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How to: Makeup for Women Over 50 Years?

One of the most important ways to take care of your skin as you age is to utilize moisturizer. Reduce the signs of aging by applying night and day cream. Choose makeup that already has moisturizer ... Read More »

How to Apply Makeup for Women Over 40?

Around the age of 40, women experience significant changes in the skin on their faces and necks. The natural aging process becomes more noticeable in some areas of the face. Gentle creases began to... Read More »

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Women Over 50?

After the age of fifty, a woman needs to make changes in the way she applies eye makeup. Heavy eyeliner that once contributed to an attractive look won’t work for the fifty-plus woman any longer.... Read More »

The Effects of Natural Light on Makeup?

When applying your makeup there are many things to take into consideration, beginning with the lighting under which your makeup will be applied and, ultimately, worn. If done correctly, the effects... Read More »