Alienware x51 gaming desktop?

Answer's the deal with alienware. They have HORRIBLE customer service. They are horribly overpriced. They have limited choosing options. You can't even choose your motherboard with them. They'... Read More »

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Would people recommend the Alienware X51 for gaming?

It is okay, but it does struggle against a cheaper full sized desktop. The problems are that it does have a tendency to over heat due to the small case and then the ivy bridge i7 3770 gets very hot... Read More »

I am getting a Alienware and was wondering if i buy a 3D monitor can i use 3D gaming?

Good gaming computers besides alienware?

Alienware is not a good gaming computer mainly for one reason : IT IS OVERPRICED!!!!You could get a far better and faster GAMING PC for the same price if you build it yourself.

Is the Alienware X51 Desktop good or bad?

Yes, the Alienware X51 is a really good gaming desktop. It should run Minecraft and Skyrim smoothly at medium - highest detail setting.The X51 is ideal for who have no any knowledge on making own c... Read More »