Algebra Projects Using Art?

Answer Algebra can strike fear in the minds of students who dread learning this complicated, yet useful, form of math. Make learning algebra interesting by inviting students into the creative side of this... Read More »

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Algebra I Projects?

Algebra I is the first abstract mathematics class most students experience. Projects like posters and reports gives the student time to slow down the onrush of abstract topics and look at one topic... Read More »

Algebra II Projects?

Students take their learning more seriously when they are directly applying it to real life. Help your students develop their research and critical thinking skills while applying the Algebra II pri... Read More »

Fun Projects for Algebra Two?

Algebra two students typically learn about linear equations and inequalities, which are functions and concepts related to trigonometry. Having students complete projects related to these concepts c... Read More »

Algebra Poster Projects?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses terms, equations and expressions to represent numerical relationships. Students can create posters to graphically represent specific terms and equations... Read More »