Algebra Problems With Proportions?

Answer A proportion has two fractions set equal to each other. Typically, one of the fractions will contain a variable. The ability to solve equations containing proportions is an essential skill for stud... Read More »

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How to Solve Algebra 1 Proportions?

In algebra, proportions are specialized equations used to compare two ratios. Ratios, such as 4:1, are used to compare two quantities by dividing them. For example, if the numerical comparison is f... Read More »

How to Solve Probabilities: Word Problems With Proportions?

In math, students tend to have trouble with word problems. For many students, they have difficulty picking through the information to find the correct parts necessary to set up a formula and eventu... Read More »

Algebra 2 Problems Help?

As you study the many topics covered within a standard algebra 2 course--including matrices, inequalities, radicals, conic sections, polynomials, sequences and series--you're bound to find some sec... Read More »

How to Do Math Problems in Algebra 1?

Remember Algebra 1 from the first few years of high school, struggling to figure out "X" or "Y," and then suddenly having to figure out both. Algebra still haunts some of us, if not in everyday lif... Read More »