Algebra 1 Objectives?

Answer As of 2011, Algebra 1 course objectives are still determined independently by the individual state boards of education in the United States. There is not yet a federal standard for math education i... Read More »

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General Objectives for High School Algebra 2?

Whereas Algebra 1 introduces students to processes and concepts that deal with abstract mathematical concepts, Algebra 2 requires them to build and elaborate upon these ideas. Although different sc... Read More »

Content Objectives Vs. Language Objectives?

Effective teachers use both content and language objectives on a daily basis to give students a well-rounded understanding of curriculum areas. Content and language objectives should be stated at t... Read More »

How to Decide If Someone Should Be in Pre-Algebra or Algebra?

Deciding whether to place a student in pre-algebra or skip them ahead to algebra 1 can be difficult. Children mature at different rates, and their ability to think abstractly emerges at different t... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Algebra 2 & Algebra 3?

There are no federal laws determining what a school system must include in its algebra courses. However, there is a convention that most school systems follow, allowing for consistency in terms of ... Read More »