Alcoholics answer plzzzzz!!!!!?

Answer It has been scientifically and physically proven that alcoholism is a disease. Certain chemicals in an alcoholics brain react differently to alcohol than a "normal" drinker. It is also been proven ... Read More »

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Help me plzzzzz.......?

Oh its really sad and disheartening to see tht tu loss ur grandma :( I knw its abominable bereavement taking time and space to recover back from trauma...You have exams soon which makes the conditi... Read More »

Adsense info plzzzzz!!!!!!?

Google knows about them. They may be able to get away for 1-2 days, but Googe looks at the patterns of clicks, where they are coming from, and other variables to determine whether the click is frau... Read More »

I really need answers plzzzzz thanks! how do people get diagnosed with leprosy?

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease you get from Leopards. These leopards are really vicious aminals ( I said aminals because I think they are adorable when provoked) The leopards have a mycoba... Read More »

Braces bracket scraping my tongue! please answer, I'll answer yours. 10pts best answer?

I had that problem when I first got braces. :(All you can really do is put wax over the bracket. I can't remember exactly how long it took to stop hurting, but I'd guess around a week, maybe a bit ... Read More »