Alcoholics: Have you seen the Hangover 2 yet?

Answer lol..they stole your life and made it into a moviehow dare they!you should sue smexy lol

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I have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone?

Start drinking againNever stopAs long as you continue to drink you'll never get a hangover.

Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

What do you HAVE to eat when you have a hangover?

Chocolate and if its available pie n mash east London style with liquor and lots of vinegar! I have an enormous hangover this morning and I'm so hungry I'm seriously considering eating my own leg. ... Read More »

I have a massive hangover. Cures?

Greasy food helps, the fat attaches to leftover alcohol in the system and helps get rid of it- think sausage and egg sandwich, cheeseburger, etc. Bread helps in the same way. Also, the potassium in... Read More »