Alcoholic gummy bear question! 10 points!?

Answer When we speak of alcohol candies, we could either be referring to alcohol syrup filled candies, alcohol flavored candies, or alcohol chocolate candies. Whatever the combination, they are all equall... Read More »

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Alcoholic Gummy Bears <3?

the purpose of the chaser is to sweeten the taste of the bacardi 151 , but theres the sweet taste of the gummy bears to do this ! its a nice way of getting high without anyone really catching on co... Read More »

Gummy bear addiction?

i no right my favorite ones r the orange ones

How to Make a Gummy Bear Martini?

Contrary to its name, this martini does not actually contain gummy bears. You can, however, use them as a garnish or side dish to accompany this deliciously fruity drink!

How to Make a Gummy Bear Candle?

Do you love gummy bears and candles? If you do, then this is the guide for you! Read this guide and follow the steps to make a gummy bear like candle!