Alcoholic drinking again. A lot?

Answer I have to disagree with Tracy. It's just asking for trouble. At that amount it's like why are you even drinking it? Grab a soda or lemon aid. In my opinion if he was a horrible drunk than it's just... Read More »

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Can an alcoholic drink again?

On One Hand: They Can if Fully RecoveredIt's not necessarily true that an alcoholic who has quit can never drink again., an alcohol and addiction resource website, advises that someone ... Read More »

Is drinking 2 glasses of wine a day alcoholic?

Go for two weeks without having any. If you can do it, your fine, if not, you have a problem with alcohol.

How to Help an Alcoholic Stop Drinking?

Watching a friend or family member destroy her life through alcoholism is deeply distressing and frustrating. Here are a few things you can do in what is often an impossible situation.

Been drinking for a year, am i an alcoholic?

I know my mom drinks too much and i hate her for being drunk. If it is affecting your family then you are doing too much.