Alcohol with sleeping pills?

Answer As long as it's an over the counter sleep-aid, there's really no worry about a bad chemical interaction. Keep in mind that over the counter pills are available to everyone because of how extremely ... Read More »

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Caffine Pills.. Sleeping Pills?

yea i don't think it is good for you. it speeds ur heart up then slows it down and back and forth. if u are going to do it then just be easy on both of them. and make sure u wait a while after u... Read More »

Is sleeping pills bad for you?

They can't really give you that much damage. Just don't become reliable on them, then they can mess up your system, and you may overdose by accident.

Do you take sleeping pills?

yes! i have had a sleep disorder since childhood and i can't sleep without drugs(legal and/or illegal) or alcohol, sometimes, actually often both

I ran out of sleeping pills...?

Oh yeah pple do that all the time. I have insomnia too. Have u ever tried melatonin or valerium root? They are over the counter an they have helped me in the past. Just something until u get to a D... Read More »