Alcohol or a nice cup of tea?

Answer I will have tea anytime.(especially Decaff tea in a Samovar or Coriander-Peppercorn-Dryginger tea), You can have fun drinking tea, and wake up next day without getting sick(Migraines, Hangovers, Dr... Read More »

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Besides alcohol is there anything legal and available that can give you a nice feeling?

there are tablets called smileys they are a mix between speed and ecstacy but totally legal, London Underground make them, they're all over Ireland and England in good drug shops (not chemists, the... Read More »

Nice places to take wedding pictures with a nice scenery?

find a nice city park. one with a pond/trees n' such would be the best. How cute would a pic of the bride and groom swinging on a swing set holding hands be? awww...

When people say you have nice teeth does that also means you have nice smile?

yesby the way can you please answer my question? an answer would be greatly appreciated :) thank you in advance :);…

How do you get a sister to be nice to you being nice?

Older or younger? Younger, treat her like an equal and include her in activities. Try to listen to what she says, and don't dismiss her comments because she's younger. Older, respect her opinion an... Read More »