Alcohol is definitely a wonderfull thing! Woohoo! Who agrees with me?

Answer lol I'm going to sit back and play "spot the american answers" (sorry to our american brethren, but *on this website* you do all seem to take life a bit too seriously)

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What the mp3 player with wireless earbuds are in the movie Definitely Maybe with Ryan Rynolds?

The same as any other age of an adult. 18 to 120 plus. It's all the same to the law. As to the specific penalty for adults who steal headphones, you will have to check with an attorney in your area... Read More »

Who agrees with me about Google . . . ?

yeah i also agree and can u plz email me to tell me how to do the tokio hotel logo like u did ?

Who agrees with me that Wikipedia is the sequel to the Bible?

Paris Hilton Stinks at singing who agrees with me?