Alcohol Punch Drinks?

Answer There are numerous varieties of alcoholic punch drinks because of the wide selection of alcohol and mixes that can be used to create recipes. Popular liquor choices for punch include vodka, rum and... Read More »

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If it's ur 1st time 2 have a alcohol shot do u have a couple drinks i.e lagers b4 it or take b4 ne drinks?

I live by the rule: "beer before liquor you'll never be sicker, liquor before beer, you're in the clear."

Classic Punch Drinks?

Punch is a drink made in large batches that usually includes alcohol and fruit juice. These days punch usually contains rum but there are many variations of punch drink recipes. References to punch... Read More »

Drinks that has twice as much alcohol as others?

Anything straight up. Ex: vodka on the rocks.

What are some fun drinks to make (non alcohol )?