Ajuga Reptans Planting Time?

Answer Ajuga reptans is an evergreen ground cover that blooms with flowering stalks in the spring and remains mostly evergreen throughout the year. It is sometimes called the common bugle, the bugle plant... Read More »

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How do I identify ajuga sedum?

LeavesIdentify the ajuga plant by examining the leaves of the plant. Ajuga leaves are green and oval in shape. They are generally 3 to 4 inches in size and are usually in tight rosettes.FoliageLook... Read More »

Need some help planting veggies for the first time?

Good for you! Organic gardening is very rewarding when you consider the health benefits of growing healthy, pesticide free vegetables for you and your family. My wife and I got on the band wagon ... Read More »

Planting Time for a Nordman Fir?

Nordman fir (Abies nordmannia) is an extremely tall variety of fir, topping out at over 200 feet under the right conditions in the wild, with a spread that shades the surrounding 15 to 20 feet. In ... Read More »

The Planting Time for Narcissus?

Narcissus are desirable for their ease of care and attractiveness. Also known as daffodils, they come in shades of yellow, orange, white and even red. Many naturalize, spreading to carpet the groun... Read More »