Airsickness worries.?

Answer Hi, the fact that you have travelled before at altitude for 2h45 without feeling at all ill makes me think that you are unlikely to feel ill this time either for any physical reason. However, you s... Read More »

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Migraine worries help?

As mentioned, acupuncture is very good. You really don't have to suffer a lifetime of this as it can be easily cured with alternative therapies. I treat a lot of migraine sufferers with excellent r... Read More »

How to Deal With Worries?

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Worries - Guarantor?

Your family seems to be enabling your sister to not be responsible.As horrid as it sounds, the family need to say 'NO'. Your sister is 33 years old and she needs to act like it. There is no 'if s... Read More »

Worries about my stitches?

1. No, let it be like that. Only remove when the doctor says so.2. Use crutches when ever you are taking a long walk, so that there's less load on your injured leg.3. Very less likely, but be caref... Read More »