Airline Steward Qualifications?

Answer Airline stewards or flight attendants provide in flight-passenger services; they maintain flight safety and security standards during take off and landing. The Federal Aviation Administration certi... Read More »

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Airline Transport Pilot Medical Qualifications?

Pilots who wish to receive their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license have to go through lengthy ground school training, in addition to nearly 200 hours of flight time. Once certified, these pilo... Read More »

Can I buy a one-way ticket with one airline&return on another airline?

Yes, you can buy one-way airline tickets to a destination, however, one-way airline tickets are usually more expensive than round-trip tickets. If flying internationally, make sure that the country... Read More »

What is the steward job description?

If you've ever been on a cruise, you've seen a steward. A ship's steward works with many different staff members on a ship and has a wide range of duties that ensure that passengers enjoy a pleasan... Read More »

Wine Steward Schools?

A wine steward, also known as a sommelier, is someone who has a vast knowledge of the grapes, regions, vineyards and the vintages of an array of wines. Anyone with this knowledge can be considered ... Read More »