Airbag Repair?

Answer Once an airbag has been used, there are parts that must be replaced for it to work properly again. The components that make up an airbag system include strategically placed sensors and a control unit.

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How do i disable an airbag to repair a bumper?

Unbolt the negative (black) terminal on your car's battery, located under the hood. Unbolt the red terminal next. Disable any secondary power sources such as a cell phone or GPS dock by removing th... Read More »

How to Repair a Volkswagen Cabrio Airbag Light?

The best-selling European convertible in its time, the compact Volkswagen Cabrio combines fuel efficiency and handling with the luxury of a fold-down soft top, all in one small package. The Cabrio ... Read More »

How to Disarm an Airbag System for the Repair of the Radiator?

The air bag is deployed by the ignition of a small quantity of explosive material within the bag. All that it takes to deploy the air bag is a small amount of electrical current, be it direct volta... Read More »

Is it illegal to register or insure a car that originally had an airbag but does not have one anymore if you do not want to repair it?

Answer Probably. Remember, there are still plenty of cars on the road that don't have airbags. And, of course, you can switch airbags off on a lot of cars these days.You don't mention it, but oft... Read More »