Air conditioning and Heaters?

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What are the pros/cons of tank-less gas water heaters (vs. traditional heaters)?

The tankless ones cost about 3 times what a regular water heater does.

Can you have 2 heaters with different watts give the same BTu's example of heaters-both 13650BTu 1240 volt radiator with settings for 600 900 1500 watts or a 24000watt 240 volt fan forced electic?

no you can not it would ruin your system for good. You have to get a heaters with the same watts

About Car Heaters?

Car heating systems have been around since soon after Henry Ford introduced the Model T. Over the years, there have been numerous advances in the heating systems to include the different distributi... Read More »

How hot do EdenPURE heaters get?

Both the EdenPURE GEN3 Model 500 Quartz Infrared Portable Heater and the GEN3 MODEL 1000 Quartz Infrared Portable Heater have an electronic thermostat that reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The EdenPU... Read More »