Air Luggage Restrictions?

Answer The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in concert with the major U.S. airline companies such as United, Delta and Southwest, have laid out a set of guidelines that must be followed by all... Read More »

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Restrictions for Checked Luggage?

Passengers have encountered more restrictions on what they can bring on airplanes since September 11, 2001. While most of the restrictions focus on what passengers can put in their carry-ons, ther... Read More »

Lufthansa Luggage Restrictions?

Individual airlines operate with different luggage restrictions. Airlines can also have varying restrictions depending on the flight route. Making sure of the guidelines can reduce the risk of lugg... Read More »

Hold Luggage Restrictions?

Airline luggage is either transported in the cabin of the plane or is checked at the baggage area and transported to the plane's cargo, or hold, area. Familiarize yourself with hold luggage restric... Read More »

Heathrow Airport Luggage Restrictions?

If you are traveling to or from Heathrow Airport in London, you need to be aware of the restrictions on luggage, both in terms of size and what you can and cannot take onto the aircraft.