Air Flow Meter Theory?

Answer The accurate measurement of air flow is an important factor in controlling many processes that affect our daily lives. In vehicles with electronic fuel injection, or oil or gas fired home heaters, ... Read More »

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How to Use a Flow Meter for Welding?

Shielding gas used for welding runs through a regulator and an outlet flow gauge before traveling to the welder through gas hoses. A flow meter replaces the outlet flow gauge. A flow meter is an en... Read More »

How to Clean an Air Flow Meter?

The air flow meter or mass air flow meter, also called a mass air flow sensor, measures the amount of air traveling through the air intake system on your vehicle. Most air flow meters are located d... Read More »

How to Use a Peak Flow Meter?

A peak flow meter is used as a self management plan for asthma control. It is usually prescribed by your medical provider to help monitor your medical condition. The peak flow meter can also help d... Read More »

Who made the peak flow meter?

The peak flow meter was created in 1956 by Dr. Martin Wright. The peak flow meter is a device used as the standard instrument in the assessment of asthma and bronchitis.Source:The Independent: Dr.... Read More »