Ahould i kill myself?

Answer No sweetie dont kill yourself.You need someone supportive and caring who you can talk to and it doesnt seem like you have anyone.Are your friends just joking/teasing you with affection or are they ... Read More »

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I think I'm going to kill myself!!!!?

see a doctor, he/she might be able to but a vagina ring in which will stop your period because its not worth the pain. tell your mum you have to see a doctor because you cant move and in alot of pa... Read More »

Please help me to not kill myself?

Meditation. Try go to a meditation class or if you belong to a Religion do some prayer. Look at videos of life, positive things, positive energy, check out videos of people who wanted to commit sui... Read More »

Give me areason not to kill myself?

i am alone too. but, we should not kill ourselves. we should seek out therapy, friends, people to talk to, ...killing ourselves is not our only option.. its the easy way out.. living is the hard wa... Read More »

Want to kill myself because of acne?

I knew a guy that seemed hopeless as he had the worst case of acne i had ever seen. He did not pick at it and a few years later he was absolutely healed. He was 25 at the time but the transformatio... Read More »