Ahkay... Um, I'm kinda nervous to ask this, but....?

Answer You very likely have a urinary tract infection. You need to go to a doctor, ob/gyn, and they'll probably prescribe a course of antibiotic treatment. Don't feel bad, you did nothing wrong. Remember ... Read More »

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I'm kinda nervous about this...?

You dont need to be nervous. I was an anesthesia technician for 18 years and will take you through the whole procedure.You will be taken to either a holding area, or right outside the OR, or direc... Read More »

What investigating detective show has 3 people 2 can kinda tell how the person died and the other 1 is kinda like their leader theirs 2 guys and 1 girl if u know can you please let me know thanks?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.

What kinda salad do you like best?

For a side salad, I like a classic caesar salad. For a meal, I like a club (or chef) type salad, with romaine lettuce, ham, turkey, chicken, and or beef strips, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and LOTS... Read More »

What is the best kinda soda out of..........?