Ah my Mum found condoms in my bag! HELP?

Answer EPIC FAIL!in all seriousness, your screwed. you should have put the blame on something that can be called up and treated like an adult. you should have told her the truth and bite your tongue while... Read More »

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How old do u have to be to buy condoms ?

One of the few area where politicians went with common sense. Even though young people aren't supposed to be having sex, it's still better that they use condoms if they do.Of course 16 is the age o... Read More »

Where do i get condoms?

I saw them in a gas station one time. It was right where you get the tampons--it was werid--I was 8. 8|

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

ANY AGE. don't feel embarrassed or worry about what others say to you. you your own person and if you feel your ready than that's your decision. oh and when you go to buy them look proud lol

With or without condoms?