Ah my Mum found condoms in my bag! HELP?

Answer EPIC FAIL!in all seriousness, your screwed. you should have put the blame on something that can be called up and treated like an adult. you should have told her the truth and bite your tongue while... Read More »

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Sex Not til i get condoms! But where are the condoms.?

Drug store or convenience store, most of them have 'em. Also most grocery stores.

Help , I found an ant on my bed !?

Ants find there way into houses. We get them all the time and my house is clean but they are attracted to food and such. You may need bug killer or something sprayed in your room.

Ive found a trojan. HElP?

AVG by default will first try to clean the file, if not, it will quarantine it. You can then delete it from the virus vault. AVG does this because of false positives. Sometimes software will instal... Read More »

Hidden Spy Camera and mic found in my pc - help!?

Run Yahoo! Anti-Spy it should be on the Yahoo! taskbar. Begin scan / remove all / yes / done / close.Next do a system restore to a point before the problem started. Go to Start / All Programs / Acc... Read More »