Agriculture Planting Zones?

Answer Many plants have a specific zone in which they grow best. The United States Department of Agriculture has identified hardiness zones on a map by color and numbers. Zones are used as tools to help p... Read More »

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Agriculture Planting Tools?

While the hobbyist gardener might use traditional hand tools to plant a crop, agricultural industry professionals rely on powerful tools and equipment to prepare soil, sow seeds and transplant seed... Read More »

Tomato Planting Zones?

Tomatoes are frost-tender and sensitive to hot, dry summer temperatures. Specific planting zone information helps determine which varieties to choose and when to start or put out the plants. ... Read More »

How do i garden with planting zones?

Look up your USDA plant hardiness zone. Zones in North America go from one through 11. The higher the number, the warmer the climate. When shopping for plants, research which growing zones they thr... Read More »

Hardiness Planting Zones for Canada?

The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) is working on mapping the range of individual plant species based on data collected for individual species of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. The Canadian har... Read More »