Agricultural Weeds: Blackgrass?

Answer Blackgrass, or Alopecurus myosuroides, is also known as slender foxtail and is one of the most important noxious weeds in Europe, according to the Oregon State University Extension. It's a winter a... Read More »

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Where do i start with a brand new yard no grass just dirt and weeds There are weeds everywhere!?

First kill the weeds. Chemical like Roundup (not a ground sterilizing chemical) or cover with plastic for a few weeks - will kill all. Next rototill. You MUST have good soil under the sod so grass ... Read More »

Agricultural & Forestry Schools?

Agricultural and forestry schools are growing in number due to the increasing awareness of green technologies and conservationism. Unknown to many is how diverse these programs are. Agriculture and... Read More »

The Best Agricultural Soils?

The best agricultural soil usually depends on the needs of the individual plant. Most plants prefer organic sandy loam soil with a pH of 7, but there are many species of plants that have adapted to... Read More »

How to Become an Agricultural Scientist?

Agricultural scientists work to maintain and improve the world's food supply. These scientists, which are also known as food scientists, are actively involved with food safety and agricultural prod... Read More »