Agricultural Soil and Plant Testing?

Answer A soil test provides valuable information about soil fertility. Using the results, you can determine how to supplement your soil to obtain the best plant growth and larger crops. Instead of guessin... Read More »

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Is Soil Better for Plant Growth Than Potting Soil?

Owning your own land and home is a big part of the American dream, just as sweet a thought as homemade apple pie. Numerous states, including West Virginia, have plenty of land available. Whether yo... Read More »

Once a day i have given my soil salty water the plant died now i washed the soil and again potted in a pot but?

Why in any logic, or language, did you add salt??????This has to be a WILD and CRAZY GUY TROLLING, especially when I consider the attempt at Broken English between the question and first answer. T... Read More »

DIY Soil Testing?

Soil tests provide gardeners with information about their soil's ability to supply nutrients to their plants. Testing can relay how much lime or sulfur needs to be supplied to the soil to correct t... Read More »

Soil Testing Tools?

The success of many types of plants and agricultural products depends on matching their optimal growing qualities with the required soil. Testing soil is a time-honored step in successful farming ... Read More »