Age Spot Treatments?

Answer Age spots, which appear as gray to black spots on the face, arms, or hands, are often found on people over 40, increasing with age. Although age spots are medically harmless, many people wish to li... Read More »

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Easy quick spot treatments?

For spots on your face? Try a little dab of toothpaste or Listerine mouthwash on the spot overnight.

My father age 64, brown,white spot in hand,and foot,what i do,nd how to remove spot?

You don't. They are probably age spots caused by pigmentation in the skin. Have a doctor look at them soon - some of these spots can be cancerous or precancerous.

Are you pregnant if you feel pain in one spot and pressure in one spot in your stomach?

Answer This doesnt sound like a pregnancy symptom. It may be a pulled muscle in your tummy. If you expeirence anymore symptoms then have a blood test.

Is it true that there's a "J" spot that's 3 times more intense than the "G" spot?

A fully matured 'lady garden' contains all 21 consonants, Tim - excitement potential for each one increasing in alphabetical order. Thus you are correct to assume that the J (for "joy") spot yields... Read More »