Age & Breast Cancer Risk?

Answer There are a number of risk factors associated with breast cancer. Certain risk factors, such as being overweight or consuming alcohol, can be changed. Other breast cancer risk factors are inevitabl... Read More »

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How to reduce breast cancer risk?

The biggest risk factors are...1. being female (99%) - not much you can do about that one 2. being over 50 (80%) - dying young is not a good alternative3. inherited genetic factors (5-10%)Other ris... Read More »

My mom is at risk of having breast cancer!!?

There are Many reasons why she would be told there was something wrong, it could be that she breathed during the test, or that she moved, or that they saw calcifications on her mammogram, which is ... Read More »

How to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer Naturally?

Breast cancer is an epidemic effecting millions of women all over the world. Although there is no way to be be sure of preventing breast cancer, there are many things you can do to naturally lower ... Read More »

Can mammograms increase your risk of breast cancer?

On One Hand: Mammograms Use RadiationDuring a mammogram, a woman's breasts are subjected to electromagnetic radiation during the x-ray for diagnostic purposes. According to Dr. Samuel Epstein, the ... Read More »