After you quit smoking, when does your body start to feel better?

Answer I smoked for 17 years, 1 to two packs a day. I was in the Air Force and just barely passed the annual PT test which was a 1-1/2 mile run with a time limit depending on your age. I thought I was goi... Read More »

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I quit smoking 10 days ago and I feel like crap?

thats strange because by now the worst of it is over (physically) and its just mental from now on. So perhaps ur sickness is due to something else because by now, physically, u should be feeling ra... Read More »

What is the best way to quit smoking and not start again?

The E-CIG is a good method. In addition, there is a product called a Quit-Key that assists with gradual decrease in smoking that can lead to lasting results.Auricular acupuncture is another method ... Read More »

I really feel like I want to start smoking?

I quit smoking pot 3 weeks ago.What is the best way to clean out my system for a new job.I have quit for good.?