After you kill your uncle in gta china town wars what is after that?

Answer You receive an email telling you about two golden lions, if you find both of them you unlock two extra missions, after that, play to 100%!

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How do you get a helicopter on gta china wars?

with action replay. use these codes: 92222A300000000002222AF80000005FD200000000000000if this doesnt work u should google it up

Do they make a game for PlayStation2 called China Wars?

The game China Wars does not exist. However, the Grand Theft Auto franchise, from Rockstar Games, has GTA: Chinatown Wars. That game is available on the Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone and iPod Touch plat... Read More »

Do they make a game for PlayStation 2 called China Wars?

As of July 2010, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is available on the following systems: the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is not currently available for the PlayStation 2.Referen... Read More »

China Town Bank Holiday?

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