After you delete something from your recycle bin, where does this information go?

Answer To delete files for good use something like this…It deletes the file and overwrites it. This will make it impossible for people to retrieve, even people li... Read More »

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When you delete something on your computer from the Recycle bin, where does it go?

Most of these answers are in the category of close, but no banana.Technically, what happens in a FAT (file allocation table) or FAT 32 system is that an E5 is written to the first two characters in... Read More »

After u delete somthing from the desk top it goes into recycle bin,?

Using the recycle bin WILL NOT remove the file from the computer. All these people suggesting it is gone,or it goes when the RAM is cleared are wrong. On computers there are fats, file allocation t... Read More »

When you delete something from a camera/video camera where does it go?

it doesn't go anywhere until it's overwritten by new data. you can use data-recovery software to recover deleted files.

Where does stuff go when you delete it from your phone?

Doesn't all the information of that stuff just gets destroyed and never to be retrieved again?