After unprotected you got your period 3 weeks early could you be pregnant?

Answer Yes. Take a test at the dates you should have had your period

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After having unprotected sex what does it mean if your period comes on one or two weeks early?

Answer If your period is more like spotting then that could be implantation bleeding (when the fertilized egg embeds into the uterus) and this would happen about 2 weeks before your period would ha... Read More »

Is there a high possibility you can get pregnant if you had your period 2 weeks ago had unprotected sex but he pulled out?

There is a possibility withdrawal is not a reliable method of avoiding pregnancy.

You are seventeen and you are alittle overweight you had unprotected sex and you are due to have your period in two weeks could you possibly be pregnant?

you could be pregnant. but just because you are a little overweight doesnt make any difference. pregnancy doesnt cause you to gain weight for most people within that little time. if your period doe... Read More »

Can some one be pregnant if they missed 2 weeks of there pills and had there period 2-3 weeks early?

When you miss that many pills you will have a early period which is a withdrawal bleed and you're also at risk of pregnancy. If you suspect pregnancy see your doctor for a blood test.