After scorpio sting within how many minutes we should consult doctor?

Answer Is the venom deadly? If it's not deadly, don't even bother. If it is, 30 minutes is good.

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Daughter has got conjuctivitous, eyes are really puffy & dark, should i stop using eye drops & consult doctor?

Consult the doctor as its highly contagious, ive had this several times in the past.

I have small and big puss bumps on my skin butt area very red and painful should i consult a doctor?

Im about 8 mo. pregnant and have pinching feelings in the upper rib cage is this normal or should i consult a doctor?

Answer This sounds normal to me, just the ligaments attaching your ribs stretching to allow room for the baby.

If you apply the nitroglycerin patch and get positive results within the first few minutes, but after a short?

Either a progression of the coronary insufficiency or you're dosed too low. Get an ongoing EKG to correlate.