After parent dies how do you evict adult sibling still living in house?

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If no names are on title of deceased parent of 7 siblings with no will can you evict filthy sibling living in home?

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If a parent dies can sibling who has looked after them remain in the house even though a will has left the house to be shared between 2 siblings?

The Will will go into probate first. If a sibling chooses to live in the house then they would have to buy the house from the other siblings and if this is not possible then the house will be sold ... Read More »

If a child has a deceased parent and the one living parent doesn't properly care for the child can they live with a older sibling?

Good luck.It would depend on what the situation is and how poorly he or she is being cared for, but the child or the sibling would have to call child protection services and have them check it out.... Read More »

What happens to a house that is in a living trust when the owner dies?

Living trusts are preferred by those who wish to avoid probate, which can be timely and costly. With a trust, an appointed trustee transfers property ownership to a specified beneficiary, usually w... Read More »