After one goat birth can it be hours before another birth?

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What age does a goat give birth?

the best age to get a got to have a kid when it is two eg you get her into kid when she is about 1 3/4 and she should have the kid after she turns 2. if you do it any sooner the goat will be smalle... Read More »

How do you help give a goat birth?

i have a goat about to give birth anything i can do th help?

How to Birth a Nigerian Kid Goat?

Nothing is more harrowing to a new goat owner than the day their precious goat gives birth. Fortunately, most goats give birth without assistance and some even seem to wait for their owners to leav... Read More »

Can a goat give birth and still be pregnant?

Only if there is another baby or babies inside. They can breed again after delivery of the kids, but it is recommended that the goat should only be bred once a year. Also, it is said to prolong the... Read More »