After my cancer surgery, mouth, I am in so much pain. Any suggestions?

Answer Hello Bryan- sorry about your pain -go back to the hospital and they will prescribe a good pain relief for you- pronto! promise? you will sleep well after that -take care now.

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How to Cope after Mouth Surgery?

Mouth surgery is a great thing, but sometimes it leaves your mouth swollen and 'fat' because it is numb. This can be a very embarrassing feeling for you even though nobody else notices.

Is bad taste in mouth after surgery normal?

What should I expect after mouth surgery?

I had that happen 3-4 years ago. I was put asleep. You wake up and have a little pain. I think it'll be numb also. Nothing too bad.

Marsupialization how bad is the pain after surgery?

Pain was not bad I just had it done and I had packing in for one day and really the most painful part was pulling out the packing. I have Tylenol #3 for pain in case but surprisingly for a procedur... Read More »