After losing my virginity yesterday i keep peeing?

Answer Normal. But I will ask this. How often were you going and how often are you going now?

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Is it normal to be a week late and still counting after losing your virginity?

%DETAILS% Answer Yes, you may be pregnant. you can have a small amount of blood during the implantation period when you get pregnant. And no it is not normal to be late just cause you lost your vir... Read More »

Is it normal to gain weight and have tender breasts after losing your virginity?

Yes it is normal to loose / gain weight with or without having sex. It all depends on your diet. In your case, you may want to have a pregnancy check, since your body may be preparing to have a b... Read More »

Question on losing my Virginity?

It sounds like you're unsure about this, so only go ahead with it if you're certain you want to do it. Don't feel pressured by your friend or society to act like this. Although, I can perfectly und... Read More »

Losing virginity-tips?

It will be the most pain you have felt in your entire life, and you bleed profusely, and might even die if not taken to the emergency room.