After i empty my recycle bin, where do the deleted files go?

Answer Technically they don't go anywhere and are still located on your hard drive.Your hard drive has a table of contents of sorts called the "File Allocation Table". What deleting a file does is actual... Read More »

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How to Recover Deleted Files After Emptying the Recycle Bin?

An accidental click of the "Empty Recycle Bin" can bring on endless headaches, resulting in seemingly lost files. Fortunately, these files can be recovered through the use of file recovery utilitie... Read More »

HELP! Accidentally deleted my daughters photo's from recycle bin pressed empty, anyway can I get them back?

Oh my god, the other answerers know nothing....Files are not deleted at all when put into the recycle bin, and still not removed from the disk even when you empty the recycle bin, they stay on the ... Read More »

How do I get deleted files out of the Recycle Bin?

Double-click on the "Recycle Bin" icon on your Desktop. This will bring up a list of the files you've deleted. Click the "Empty the Recycle Bin" button to permanently delete all the files in the Re... Read More »

How do I restore deleted files from the recycle bin?

Locate the recycle bin on your Windows desktop and double-click its icon or right-click it and select "Open" to explore its contents. Choose the "Restore all items" option to restore all of the fil... Read More »