After how many c sections is a mother in danger?

Answer Good question. Any pregnancy or delivery could pose certain risks, so even the first one is risky. However, the risks change. For the first one, you may worry about events related to the operation ... Read More »

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Can you deliver after 3 c sections?

The answer is yes but most midwives/doctors will advise against it in case your c-section scar ruptures. If you want a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) then your doctors will advise you of the ... Read More »

Can you fix your chihuahua after she has had 2 c sections?

I think so, but just to make sure go to a vet and ask.

Can you have a vbac after 5 c-sections?

The first thing to remember is, your medical decisions are up to YOU.There are certainly women out there who have had VBACs after 2, 3 or more cesareans. Your risk of uterine rupture does go up wit... Read More »

Can you have a natural birth after 2 c sections?

Yes. Most doctors will recommend you have a c- section, but I had a v-bac (vaginal birth after Cesarean section) following 2 c- sections and did fine. The delivery of my third child went very well,... Read More »